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Topsure is an administrative service centre for independent brokers. We also give our registered brokers access to a wide spectrum of products with leading insurers as negotiated by us.

The broker is furnished with the cutting edge software system (Go4FSP) and is therefore empowered to compete head-on with corporate and bigger brokers.

Some of the Go4FSP features:

    ●    Full and automated quotation facility - only complete the relevant fields once and get multiple quotes
          from our leading insurance product providers (available on tablet, smartphone or desktops)

    ●    Instructions and amendments - load any instruction on a specific policy and it will be attended to promptly by one of our experienced underwriting
 staff members.
●    Comprehensive claims registering, management and follow up procedures available on a user friendly template.
●    Vehicle valuations
●    Property Calculations
●    Task manager
●    Full access to all our product provider's general documents, policy wordings and excess structures 
●    Automated and comprehensive paper trail of any function loaded instantly on client profile
●    Full backups with easy retrieval for the user.
●    Great for TCF and POPI legislation!


We have a solid reputation, backed by 23 years of operations as administrative centre as many of our brokers and product suppliers will testify.

In an ever changing insurance market, the independent broker needs to belong to a unified force in order not to be swallowed up by bigger corporations.  Topsure can be of great assistance to the independent broker.

COVID-19 South African
Coronavirus news and info

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